high school student. lazy. likes to draw. nice to meet you.

was practicing using pen today :U the line work is actually pretty gross

mask project from my mixed media and sculpture class.

materials: clay, tempera paint, modge podge, white colored pencil

umm a combine i made in my mixed media and sculpture class. the face an the broken pieces of board actually stick up. technically this piece isnt finished but im too lazy to actually “finish” it :p

materials: canvas, some board, tempera + acrylic paints, fabric, sharpies, hot glue + other various glues (for the face), zipper

jsut gonna post this wip up first cause i probably wont finish this until later…maybe.

lyn from blade and soul tht i was working on. probably nver gonna finish this either LOL. at least it was good practice. anyone playing on chinese servers :3

new sketchbook tht i decorated. probably gonna add more later

old doodle tht i forgot i scanned lol. it was suppose to be a male ver of an academic from dragon nest

random doodles before i got swamped with homework.

srry for my shetty cropping and color editting